Child Support

z-sm-girl-child-support2Stevens, Littman, Biddison, Tharp & Weinberg, LLC provides determined legal representation to mothers and fathers on all aspects of child support in Colorado. Child support concerns may arise in the divorce process or in a nonmarital relationship where paternity is not presumed. Either way, you must understand that the law grants the child a right of support by both parents, irrespective of any relationship between them. Our child support attorneys work to achieve reasonable awards under the Colorado guidelines through negotiation or litigation in family court, and we help ensure that support remains fair and reasonable throughout the required term.

Child support isn’t punishment

In divorce cases, Colorado courts strive to minimize any hardship on the children. The process has safeguards to protect them emotionally, but courts also want to protect them financially, helping them maintain the standard of living they would have enjoyed if the divorce had not occurred. Child support is not meant to unjustly enrich one spouse or impoverish another — child support funds should be spent on the child. At Stevens, Littman, Biddison, Tharp & Weinberg, we advocate strongly for fair child support orders that address the child’s needs in a manner that is equitable for the parents.

Modification is possible when circumstances change

A child support order has the force of law. But just as changes in society compel legislatures to amend their laws, a substantial change in your post-divorce life may necessitate a modification of your support order. If a supporting parent suffers a financial setback or a child needs additional support due to changing needs, the payment schedule may no longer be equitable. Our lawyers have helped clients throughout Colorado obtain a modification of support when their circumstances justified a change. We have also successfully opposed modification when a proposed decrease in support payments would have caused undue hardship to our client and the children. Our experienced attorneys understand the criteria the court considers. We assert your rights aggressively while advancing the best interests of your children. Most importantly, although it’s natural for parents to roll with life’s punches and make informal agreements to get through a rough patch, you have to understand that those informal agreements will never hold up in court. That means a supporting parent can be liable for back payments even if the recipient parent has previously said not to worry about them. Your existing support order is enforceable in full until you get a court-approved modification.

Child support payment enforcement in Colorado

Colorado has dedicated resources to enforcing child support obligations against “deadbeat” parents. Stevens, Littman, Biddison, Tharp & Weinberg assists custodial parents whose ex-spouses fail to meet their obligations by getting enforcement orders in family court. If you are a supporting parent but you’ve stopped payments because your ex is interfering with your parenting time or alienating you from your children, you should immediately pay whatever funds you’ve withheld. The court may charge you penalties or take administrative action, such as suspending your driver license. Your visitation rights are also enforceable, so let our attorneys in Boulder & Vail help resolve that conflict effectively and legally.